Quick Checklist for Cleanroom Cleaning Costs

Here’s a checklist for your cleanroom cleaning system costs. Use this as a guideline for budgeting with your new system.

We post a lot of information about cleaning your cleanroom. It is a complex and involved aspect of compliance and safety. Things to consider vary from the cleanroom itself to the parts inside of it. You can browse some of our topics here.

One crucial aspect of any new cleaning regimen is the cost. You need to know what to anticipate as far as expenses are concerned. These will include initial one-time costs as well as ongoing. The type of system you need depends on your specific application, so exact materials and costs will vary. However, you can get an idea of what you need to budget for by using this checklist put out by Controlled Environments in “Cleaning Costs Checklist” by Mike Jones. Here is how the MicroCare Corp expert lays it out.

Capital Costs – One-Time Costs

  • • The actual cleaning system
  • • Architectural planning and site engineering
  • • Construction
  • • Insurance and freight
  • • Electrical
  • • Plumbing
  • • Ventilation
  • • Set-up of the actual system
  • • Cost of capital


  • • Will be a cost per square foot
  • • Size of the machine(s)
  • • The workspace multiplier

Throughput Calibration Factors include:

  • • The cycle time
  • • The boards per cycle and maximum boards per hour
  • • Number of operating hours required each day
  • • The stand-by hours each day

Operating Costs

  • • Water and electricity
  • • Consumables like filters
  • • Solvent –
    • • Losses
    • • Disposal
  • • Labor –
    • • Operator cost per hour
    • • Inspection and re-cleaning per hour
    • • System maintenance per hour

This checklist will get you started in understanding the costs you need to anticipate for a cleanroom cleaning system. For cleanroom validation or certification, trust Gerbig Cleanrooms. Our experts understand compliance for cleanrooms in several industries. Contact us at 888-628-0056 or info@gerbig.com.