Sealing Leaks in the Cleanroom

Improper seals in cleanrooms can devastate the integrity of its environment and production therein. Here is one solution to this problem.

Cable management is essential to the integrity of a cleanroom, though it is often overlooked in the design process. Without proper seals, air leaks can contaminate the environment. Any sealing solution must be:

  • Designed, tested, and certified for long-term functioning
  • Approved for use in hazardous/potentially explosive environments
  • Able to seal all services within negative and positive testing regimes under high levels of pressure
  • Designed to be resistant to spikes, pressure and temperature fluctuations, and maintain positive or negative pressure, depending on the room
  • Able to maintain air-tightness

A proven solution to sealing issues is the compact sealing system. It creates airtight seals with minimal alterations to structure. It operates under constant pressure. Those compact systems that are certified will effectively seal services even under the most hazardous conditions, like during fumigation. Additionally, they are resistant to chemicals.

Compact seals are simple yet reliable, making them viable options for cleanroom sealing. Their efficient design makes them lightweight and fully mechanical. With a clean surface finish, they are resistant to vapor phase hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, and other fumigants typically used in contained rooms.

Compact seals allow changes to be made, like new services added, because of their practicality. Compact sealing units allow you to seal multiple cables in the same opening rather than making separate holes for each. When services are added to rooms, there is no need to drill and cut in a live room. Most often, they yield great first time validation results.

The compact seals complement modular cleanroom designs and their potential for expansion. They work well in any cleanroom, providing an economical and successful means of sealing leaks in a controlled environment. For questions about cleanroom verification and certification, contact Gerbig Engineering Company. Our experts have handled cleanroom equipment and services for thirty years. Contact us at 888-628-0056 or email