Sustainable Cleanroom Practices: Modular Cleanrooms

The energy-intensive cleanroom poses challenges in sustainable practices, and modular cleanrooms provide feasible solutions.

Controlled environments inherently require copious amounts of energy resources to maintain the strict standards of operation. Temperature, humidity, airflow, filtration, and pressurization all factor into cleanroom operations, and all demand energy – sometimes 24/7. In looking at ways to make cleanroom practices more sustainable, modular cleanrooms are becoming a popular choice.

There are three major ways in which modular cleanrooms are eco-friendly options:

  1. Materials and Waste. Modular cleanrooms tend to be lightweight. These systems require less material for construction and require less energy to transport. Most pieces of these cleanrooms are reusable, and often are made from recyclable material. Additionally, modular construction can offer better sealing of windows, doors, and other penetrations. This improves the efficiency of the HVAC system and overall energy consumption.
  1. Fit the Space to the Need. Modular cleanrooms allow future expansion to be a possibility without building unneeded space right away. Organizations that anticipate growth would need to build a larger facility than needed, merely guessing their future needs and increasing the likelihood of wasted space and resources. With modular cleanrooms, you build the space you need now and quickly expand when you need to. This also minimizes site disturbance during construction because modular cleanrooms are built in shorter times with fewer equipment and resources.
  1. Life-cycle Flexibility. The panel systems inherent to modular cleanrooms make the buildings incredibly flexible. You can reconfigure doors, windows, and size with minimal disruption compared to a traditional renovation. These structures can also be relocated with minimal expense or downtime.

For operations that don’t require a large, permanent facility, modular cleanrooms are a sustainable, convenient, and affordable option that minimizes much of the headaches associated with traditional cleanroom construction. Gerbig Engineering Company provides AireCell Cleanrooms in both hardwall and softwall options. We can provide standard size enclosures or custom designs. Talk to us about your needs: 888-628-0056;